Where does our coffee come from?

Where does our coffee come from?

If you're a coffee lover, you know that not all coffees are created equal. Each origin and region has its own unique taste profile, which is why Marquin chooses to focus on commercializing Venezuelan origin coffee. Our coffee beans are of Arabica origin, which offers a more balanced taste and a sweeter, more aromatic flavour.

But have you ever wondered about the farmers who grow these beans? Most standard Venezuelan coffee is grown on relatively small farms and then collected, wet-processed (washed), milled, and exported by the Venezuela Coffee. The elevations in Venezuela range from 1,200 meters to 1,800 meters above sea level, which offers plenty of opportunities for highly rated Strictly High Grown Venezuelan coffees to be found. Venezuelan coffees are typically washed and sun-dried on patios.

The harvest season varies depending on the part of the country, with most crops being harvested between September and January, but some parts happening from April to August. The consistent output leads to more stable prices and a constant supply of Venezuelan green coffees to the North American market.

When it comes to taste, Venezuelan coffees are known for being smooth and easy-drinking, making them ideal for mellowing out overbearing flavours in some other countries. Due to the wide variety of varietals and growing regions within Venezuela, it's difficult to peg down exactly which flavours you'll get from any single origin Venezuelan coffee, but there are some patterns that repeat. Sweet, chocolatey flavours are very prominent in most, with some fruity notes that can touch on caramel, apple and red fruits like berries. The Venezuelan aromas tend to be a little citrusy and fruity at times, with hints of spice.

At Marquin, we believe that coffee is more than just a drink – it's a lifestyle.

With health benefits, a unique and artisanal production process, experience in flavours and sensations, coffee goes beyond a simple morning ritual. By choosing a quality coffee of Venezuelan origin, you'll not only enjoy delicious flavours, but you'll also be supporting small farmers and their families. So, why not make the switch and try Marquin's Venezuelan origin coffee for a truly unique and flavourful experience?

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